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There are as many ways to make your home handicap accessible as there are types of disabilities that benefit from modifications. While it’s easy to think that a physical disability is something that only would happen to someone else, the truth is that disability can happen to any person at any time, from illness, an accident, or just the natural aging process. With Lifestyle Remodeling, you can make your home seem like home again.

What we can do for you:

Not every remodeler has the skill and knowledge to act as your home handicap modification contractor. Lifestyle Remodeling and Mobility has experience creating spaces for any need. We install grab bars in bathrooms, stairlifts in multi-level homes, and wider doorways for those who use a wheelchair. We can recommend and install smart home modifications that make managing temperature, lighting, door locks, and security easier, requiring less moving around the home to manage or secure the space.

If you or a loved one in your household needs accommodations to make your home safe and more accessible, contact Lifestyle Remodeling and Mobility for handicap home modifications today.

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