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Ramps and Handrails Projects

Ramp and Handrail Installation

Ramps help elderly and disabled people enter and leave their residences comfortably. These ramps provide safe and reliable home access for users with wheelchairs, walkers, or powerchairs. They can minimize the risk of injuries or accidents during trips to and from grocery stores, medical facilities, and other places users frequent.

What we can do for you:

Lifestyle Remodeling and Mobility provides ramp and handrail installation, creating easier access to your home. We’ll ensure the installation blends with your home’s style and design while maintaining the functionality and accommodation ramp and handrail installations are supposed to provide. Whether you have an elder relative moving in or must make modifications to accommodate physical disabilities, Lifestyle Remodeling can design and install the accommodations you need to make getting in and out of your home easier and safer.

Multifold ramp

Single fold ramp

Threshold ramp

Disability ramps

Wheelchair ramps

Handicap ramps